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good night moon shivareeThough the name Shivaree may call to mind The (delicious!!) “Shiver”, TCBY's attempt to capitalize on Dairy Queens popular “Blizzard” – their song Goodnight Moon is more likely to call to mind Uma Thurman driving in black and white at the end of Kill Bill Volume 2.

The song was chosen to close out Taratino's ode to Uma, toes, and kung fu, (as well as couple episodes of Dawson's Creek) and so far it seems to be their one hit wonder of sorts. Since the release of it, lead singer, Ambrosia Parsley, who can be seen in the David Lynch inspired music video, has a show called Ambrosia Sings the News. In it well, Ambrosia sings the news. It airs on Air America.

Though the band sites William Faulkner as an influence, they do not mention Margaret Wise Brown and the book that sent me off to sleep for years…

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Posted on June 9, 2008

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