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20120207-125356.jpg818 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

How could this be true?, I thought skeptically as I read the Yelp reviews (that most of the reviewers admit to being drunk while eating didn’t make me any less dubious).

Could God Bless Deli, the polite, but seemingly run-of-the-mill deli down the street really hold the best Philly Cheesesteak around? The answer is: possibly.

The first rule is to NOT order with everything as they’ll try to get you to do. “Everything” includes tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise – which is just so wrong on a cheese steak. Tell them cheese, peppers and onions only.

After that, you’ll end up with a surprisingly tasty sandwich. Philly natives may not be lining out the door for it, but locally, you couldn’t find better. One of the best greasy bites (that’s really not that greasy at all) in Greenpoint or Williamsburg for that matter and only $5.

Looks like the drunks were right, and I’m glad. Local hardhats have also caught on and can be seen placing big orders on their lunch break.

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Posted on February 7, 2012

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