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globe trekkerSo, Jim and I tend to get obsessive about new things, but you knew that already, right? The newest obsession is the PBS travel show (also aired on the Travel Channel) Globe Trekker.

Ian Wright is undoubtedly the superior host with his undeniable charm, but we have some issues with Megan McCormack and her phony, occasional accent (although Jim has developed a strange obsession with the girl) who claims “I am not an actress!” Ha, and I bet she's 29 years old too.

These two host the majority of the shows, but keep an eye out for the hilariously goofy Zay Harding, he cracks me up.

The show is usually informative and truly engaging as they travel all over the world while showing local customs, historical spots, and other treasures that you may not see on other travel shows. It airs a lot, so watch it, after all when we obsess over it usually means it is good.

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Posted on December 11, 2006

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