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gino the ginnyI’ll be honest, the set up is a lot funnier than the videos themselves – be prepared for a wealth of bad titles and horrible club music. A couple of months back, my old co-worker Cody described the self-anointed YouTube sensation kind of like this (only Cody would affect a pretty good Long/Staten Island accent from time to time to emphasize the cultural criticism):

“It’s a 12-year-old kid imitating his older brother, who is a total Guido. He’s wearing a tank top and a gold chain and his hair is blown out and he talks about going to clubs, pumping mega-mixes, and taking ecstasy.”

It sounds hilarious, right? And it is, to a degree. He shouts things like, “If I’m not VIP, I’m fucking out of here!” and “Who’s DJing tonight? DJ Go-Fuck-Yourself!” Which is pretty funny; but the clips aren’t short and the lack of brevity kind of deflates the concept after a little while.

But this clip of Guido fashion police is pretty awesome: Get Juiced!

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Posted on December 8, 2008

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