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ghostbusters ray parker jrI am certainly not alone when I say that the first Ghostbusters movie was a majorly big deal for me as a kid. The theme song even had a particular effect on my brain prompting me at age six to ask my parents if I could be Ray Parker, Jr. for Halloween. Yes, Ray Parker Jr. Not Dana, not even Venkman or Slimer, but the mustached “Love Unlimited Orchestra” member and R&B star. (Which reminds me to remind you to start thinking about this years costume. It's only a month away, friends)

A recent article, exclaiming that a third film, written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky of The Office was in the works, got me probably naively and definitely prematurely excitited and brought back all those good memories about the fist movie. Is there even a chance that it could be good? I really hope and think so. Until that can be decided I'll stick to frequent viewings of the original and blissful repeating of this classic theme song.

And despite an out of court settlement wherein Huey Lewis claimed Parker Jr ripped off his hit I Wanna New Drug, Ray was tops. Just read this exceprt from his wikipedia entry:

“Parker was one of the first black artists to venture into the then-fledgling world of music videos. In 1978 Hollywood producer, Thom Eubank produced several music videos of songs from his first album entitled, Raydio on Arista Records. The hit single, “Jack & Jill” was the first released to air on Wolfman Jack's Saturday night television show, The Midnight Special. The music videos were also transferred to film and projected in movie theaters all over Europe. He also made two different videos for his hit “The Other Woman“. The first was Halloween-themed and centered around a haunted castle with dancing corpses and vampires. The second was more performance-oriented, with Parker performing the song against an outer space background with backup singers. Parker made the performance-oriented video because MTV refused to play his Halloween-themed video due to its depiction of an interracial relationship.”

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Posted on September 15, 2008

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