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panty partySeeing that I am now undeniably a grown up, it seemed sad and pitiful to have a ramshackle drawer filled with stretched out or fading underwear. It was time for a major pantie purchase and I found exceptional deals at Old Navy and The Gap. I ordered a near gluttonous amount, enough that I could go for more than a month without doing laundry, and I ordered them all sight unseen.

Reckless, I know, but thankfully the pantie fairy (who I can only imagine looks like Tyra and yells all the time about panties like Tyra does) was smiling down on me and they all fit, are all comfy, and even cute.

Unfortunately the sale at I was privy to has passed, but there is another one in place: Buy five or more regular rise cotton bikinis (a style I can recommend) and they're four bucks a piece.?Old Navy is having a similar sale on the satin bow bikinis that I like; four dollars when you buy three or more. Of course there are pricier and fancy options, but whatever your price range and tastes, it's just important to have a good selection of undies so that you can be happy and comfy everyday and not worry about what might be seen if the subway grate blows up your skirt (it happens to the best of us).

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Posted on March 3, 2008

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