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tom tom club genius of loveMembers of the ultimate nerd-rock band Talking Heads, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz spun off into the Tom Tom Club and recorded one of the most awesomely hip nerdy songs ever: Genius of Love. When Frantz screeches: “James Brown! James Brown! He really is the godfather of soul ya'll, so check him out!” you can't help but cringe–but he's so earnest and well intentioned that the cringe just sort of goes right into a shoulder-rolling dance move.

Everyone from Mariah Carey to Grandmaster Flash, both of whom sampled this priceless and quirky pop song in their own work, can agree that the art school long term couple deserve every penny they've made from the tons of others that have sampled this hit–most of which went towards producing more Talking Heads albums. True, I'm sure they'd love to be known for more than the one song, but most performers are never so lucky as to have recorded a song so perfect.

It also boasts this most excellent animated video based on James Rizzi's work.

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Posted on June 16, 2008

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