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Iconic Electronic Rocker

Half grumpy nerd, half stoic rock star, Gary Numan makes one unusual celebrity.

With double breasted suits, pleather jumpers, and later snow white hair he classifies as a style icon of the traditional sense, and hints of his style can be seen in The Talking Heads, Devo, and even Eddie Murphy (rent Delirious if you don’t believe me).

But he is most notably an inventive pioneer whose catchy electronica from another planet infinitely inspired the music landscape.

I am a big fan and in some strange moods only Telekon will do.

Nowadays, he looks better than some aging rock stars but seems to have thrown away the android Gary for a new Gary that screams like Trent Reznor by way of Leland Palmer.

He still tours (look out for dates this year) and a few years back performed the entire Replicas album live, which would have been super awesome to see.

Other awesome things about Numan? Well, he cameoed in the Mighty Boosh, he is openly atheist, he was diagnosed with Aspergers and proves that success is possible with the disorder, and he married a fan club member (giving hope to fans everywhere that the same could happen to them one day).

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Posted on June 9, 2011

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