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Fellow getting older-ers, think of all the common daily occurrences from our not too distant pasts that have simply ceased to be:

We wrote physical hand written, intricately folded notes in class and none of us had cell phones.

We’d go to the video store, stare at the wall of horror movies and hope the slasher we wanted for our sleep over wasn’t checked out. (Otherwise it was to the new releases and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape because Dazed and Confused was out).

We not only listened to the radio, we recorded our favorite songs.. on cassette!

Phone calls on corded phones could last hours even if we had seen our friends moments ago.

Paper magazines were coveted weekly glimpses at fashion that simply couldn’t be found anywhere else..

And, if you can believe it, all people in America looked forward to getting the newspaper(!) even if it was just to read the latest Far Side.

I don’t know maybe it was a nostalgic wave of how things used to be that had me bizarrely waking up this morning with my first thoughts of Gary Larson.

I mean what happened to him? He was the one funny man everyone could agree on (before Seinfeld) but no one knew his face. And then he just retired. Not Jay-Z Tom Ford “retired” but for real.

I hope he’s living fat and happy off that one-a-day calendar money because he really made a lot of people’s days better.

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Posted on November 2, 2011

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