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fusion wraps bulgogi sandwichYelp can really be a wonderful thing. As much as uptight restaurateurs get pissy about blogging and the power of armature reviewers, they can also bring attention to unsung gems that you would normally never set foot in. Cooper Sqaure's Fusion Wraps is such a place.

The atmosphere is kind of appalling to me. One side of the huge space that feels like it use to be a NYU gym it's a dark, straight out of the nineties, computer lab with World of Warcraft up on every screen. The food side of things looks less impressive than most bodegas but hidden within it's Green Mountain coffee, boxes of protein bars, and sandwiches in plastic to go boxes lies a fantastic unexpected treat: the bulgogi sandwich.

Spicy and tangy, bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish of thinly sliced meat and spices. At Fusion Wraps it goes on French bread. On the down side, the pork had a bit more fat than I had hoped for, maybe the chicken option is leaner. Also, it took a while to prepare but was worth it. It's a great alternative for lunch if you're tired of your usual. Plus, you can through in a dungeon raid after wards if you've got the time.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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