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The tagalong is a Girl Scout cookie classic, though one I had not tried until recently due to a focused passion for thin mints and samoas, but now that I have broadened my horizons I have a new favorite. And they're even better after sitting in the freezer.

Moms have been known to devour these peanut butter, short bread, chocolate yum yums by the box full and other moms are peeved when they're called “peanut butter patties” but everyone should be happy now that they contain less trans fat. They are the third rated top seller.

You need to have an office mom selling or a family member with kids to buy these. Whatever you do, do not venture into a creepy house for cookies. There is a gray apartment building down the street from me. All the windows are covered in dirty sheets and a Girl Scouts sign hangs in the window. We've witnesses an alluring jar of candy sitting on the front steps and old faded little vanity sets on the street taken out with the trash. Yeah, don't go there no matter how badly you want a cookie.

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Posted on March 17, 2008

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