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frontier houseIt's too bad PBS hasn't delved into the world of reality television more. Frontier House (inspired by a similarly conceived show about the 1900s over at the BBC) was a highly entertaining, insightful, and even educational. Three families were given acreage in Montana to live just as settlers did back in the 1880's. The goal was to be prepared for the coming winter by the end of the series – without cheating, Gordon Clune!

Like any good reality, there's a villain, and here Mr. Clune serves well, but in this relatively good-natured show, even the cheater finds himself better for growing closer to his family. Another family, the Glenns adapt to the harsh lifestyle easier, but their personal relationships are strained.

Available on DVD and Netflix, you'll find yourself more inthralled in the drama of making root cellars and cutting wood than you would ever expect. This is only second to Manor House in PBS's amazing series of historical reality shows.

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Posted on June 29, 2009

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  • From Allie on December 27, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Ohhh, yes, I watched most of Frontier House, and caught a little snippet of Manor House – it is enthralling. For me, a 19th century literature fanatic, I often fantasized about living in the period– but watching these, one quickly comes to the realization that it’s not all strapping men in knee breeches and dancing at balls. Great pick.