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french word a dayFrench Word a Day is not an online version of a square gift calendar for someone trying half heartedly to learn the language of love. Instead it's a love letter to Provence complete with those achingly beautiful French country side images that makes you want to pack it all in and make like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun– only you, know in Provence, and hopefully without Rita Woo.

The writing can be a bit too heart on her sleeve for me (“..I learned a life-changing concept: one that returns to me this morning, as a flood of emotions float upward to the underbelly of my skin, electrifying the surface. When God created sensitivity, he gave an extra dose of it to me!”), but I don't hold it against the woman.

She seems very nice and she offers up lovely portraits of vineyards, sleepy towns boasting beautiful washed out colors and amazing roof tops, and moss covered courtyards.

According to the bio of author Kristin: “French Word-A-Day began in 1999 when a former desert rat from Phoenix decided to share a piece of Provence from her office in the various caf?s along the French Riviera.” She is the author of the book Words in a French Life.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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