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frank frazetta Here's what I had to say on January 15th:

It's really crazy that I've neglected to honor Frank Frazetta here before. He, along with Vogue Magazine, Cyndi Lauper, The Talking Heads and Manhattan Transfer were the biggest influences on me as a really young kid. Frazetta's work particularly helped shape my aesthetics and love for the Dungeon and Dragons side of life.

I use to pore over books of Frazetta's amazing art with my dad in the basement, dreaming about sitting atop dangerous hilltops, surrounded by goblins, looking sexy and hardcore in a metal bikini (which also inspired the design of Princess Leia's famous costume). I would watch the movie Fire and Ice over and over again (one of the first movies I ever recommended here) and even to this day, I wear his artwork almost daily on my back.

He was largely successful as a commercial artist, doing work for movies like The Gauntlet, The Fearless Vampire Killers, and Mad Max, and album art for bands like Molly Hatchet (another prized possession is my tour t-shirt with his Flirtin' with Disaster art on it). Of course, now he's finally respected as an artist and his work sells for thousands (which is why I'll have to settle for tee shirts and patches until my ship comes in).

He grew up in Brooklyn, and according Wikipedia, “attributes much of the violence and brutality of his later paintings to his actual experiences as a young man defending himself from the street gangs of Brooklyn”. Another interesting and exciting fact is that he and his family run a small museum on their estate in Pennsylvania –? museum that I will of course be going to once it re-opens in May.

I really adore and admire Frazetta, possibly more than any other living artist. I thank my dad for introducing him to me and I hope that maybe I can introduce his work to the few people reading this blog that aren't already familiar with it – and I'm thankful that he's been so prolific over the years.

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Posted on November 2, 2009

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