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francoise hardyThe nonpareil beauty and style of Francoise Hardy is timeless. From a young ye-ye girl in Paris, to a gray haired icon, there has never been a time when she wasn't ravishing and in vogue.

The ye-ye girls, which also included Brix Picks Chantal Goya and Sylvie Vartan, were a hip set of French pop singers, in the style of the Beatles. Francoise, only nineteen at the time, was one of movement's golden stars; a tall magnificent lady who not only sang like a nightingale but had the songwriting skills to match.

She was just as popular for her looks as for her talent and for a woman who said “I can't stand to wear anything that will make people look at me” she's been turning heads for decades. And yet, that modesty is so much a part of her charm; she exudes a timid and bewildered innocence, as if all her fame came about by accident.

In fact that fame came through hard work and dedication to singing and songwriting, as well as overcoming her innate shyness to keep auditioning. As for her stylish sensibilities, lover and photographer Jean-Marie Perier is credited as a major influence for turning the gangly teen into a French superstar.

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Posted on November 19, 2007

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