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No More Bare Walls

If you’re like me you have at least one bin filled with photos and an even larger digital library. As one last big chore while awaiting baby we decided to finally frame a few. There’s no need to go to a framer (though I can recommend a good one in Greenpoint). With just a little bit of creativity we managed to get several up on our walls on the cheap.

We started with Ikea, home to cheap everything and picked up a cart full of frames. Right now they are carrying some really fun brightly colored ones as well as deep set neutrals and woods. Unfortunately many, the brights included, aren’t quite to American sizes, so we had to improvise. We found some equally fun colored art paper at Artists and Craftsman Supply in Brooklyn, which we used as a faux matte.

We just cut out a square of colored paper to the size of the frame window, using the back as a template and centered the photo before reassembling. Getting photos centered took a little practice but is quite easy. The result is pretty great and adds a nice shock off color to our walls. We started with some of our favorite actual photographs, but didn’t want to ignore some digital favorites.

Canon Pixma Photo Paper Pro Platinum delivered the best results for printing. I have a new Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II for work that did an incredible job with the prints. Printing our own photos also allowed us to re-size images to fit the awkward frames without faux matting.

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Posted on October 16, 2010

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