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forever judy blumeFor a lot of girls in 1975 and since, Judy Blume's Forever has been a shocking introduction to the world of teen sex. Seriously controversial at the time for it's blunt and realistic views and is still (surprise, surprise in this conservative climate) a target for censors. Which is why it was funny, as Jezebel pointed out, that Kathy Lee Gifford recently asked if Blume felt out of place in the fast paced world of more sexually explicit teen stuff. Ha! I am sure Gossip Girl is filled with torrid lust, but I doubt it gets as truthful and unglamorous as talking about how bad the first time can be, periods getting in the way, and a boy who calls his penis Ralph (this nickname in the book resulted in a major decline in the name being used in real life).

I actually never read it growing up. I was a Freckle Juice then later Just as Long as We're Together girl but reading Forever as an adult is kind of a nostalgic trip anyway. Blume wisely writes the book from the young soon to no longer be a virgin, Katherine's point of view and voice. So it's naive and artless, but sincere. The lack of literary flare also makes it a kind of abstract too.

I am bummed out that the cover has changed to the typical boring modern norm (corbis stock photo, blah blah) instead of the original, Kotex ad looking fresh faced girl inside of a golden locket.

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Posted on September 29, 2008

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