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There are some guys I just kind of like and am glad to see working. I like that Nathan Fillion got a job in Castle, (even if it’s unbearable), I love that the beeper king, Dean Winters is excellent in the Allstate commercials he took over from America’s real first black president, and I think it’s nice to see Mo Rocca hosting a food information show. He lends a bit of un-obnoxious humor to the often obnoxious genre in the new (pretty sweet) Cooking Channel’s Food(ography).

The show goes along with the channel’s slightly new take on food television. Instead of Al Roker or Marc Summers taking us to the Skittles factory for the thousandth time (though I still do kind of love seeing stuff being made in factories), Foodography has an approach that is slightly more in line with the foodie culture of today. Interesting and hip places are visited and there’s at least some actual research and information about the history of the subjects. While it still sometimes suffers from cheesy pun intended writing, it’s pleasurable lite watching that has even added a few go to places on my list.

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Posted on August 22, 2010

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