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A combination of seeing a Good Eats about frosting and cake and it being my birthday soon had me pining for birthday cake.

And what I really wanted was this marshmallowy fluffy frosting in a box I remembered from my childhood. “But wait,” I thought, I’m an adult. Instead of moping over my craving I can just make it!

I opted for a box of white vanilla cake that I had in the cabinet (I love box cake and white is so much better than yellow) and found this simple recipe for Fluffy White Frosting.

I was in a self-made heaven. And like an adult I only made half a batch (no one decent can have a dozen cupcakes in their home without a party planned.) This is great frosting and my new go-to anytime frosting is needed. And I didn’t even need a box.

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Posted on February 5, 2012

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