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76 Saint Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

You’d never know it from the dark, stark exterior, but Flatbush Farms hides a sprawling, lovely back yard garden, perfect for an early brunch surrounded by Park Slope babies. The food here is simple and yummy: omelettes with fresh ingredients and sharp cheese, fluffy eggs with potatoes (which feature apples thrown in, or as my friend called them “invisible raisins”), thick slabs of bacon and over-sized banana foster pancakes that sat someplace between a pancake and banana bread. I recommend getting a stack for the table to enjoy.

While the restaurants online manifesto is an obnoxious read “The philosophy is one of simplicity, masked in a complexity matched by none. The gastronomic rogue abounds with numerous philosophies and a mash of cultures, though one aesthetic… etc” the sustainability and use of local and seasonal ingredients shines in the food.

It’s a leisurely place, where brunch can take an hour, so call friends, and get there early to start to a relaxing weekend. And don’t forget to order pancakes for the table!

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Posted on May 9, 2010

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