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Gonzales y GonzalesI have this brilliant ability to convince myself that I deserve little rewards in life then give those things to myself without actually doing anything to earn them. Last week it was new mascara and some Peeps, this week it's five dollar margaritas after work.

What I have actually done all week to “deserve” such a treat? I don't know, draw cute bunnies and flowers? Be forced to watch Top Model a day late? It doesn't matter. That is the geniusness of my ability. If five dollar margaritas were there for the taking in the very building you work, there is no harm in treating yourself to one or two on a Thursday. And one or two will do you here. These frozen monsters are Strong (with a capital S–see the way I spelled word).

And they're five dollars… except when they are not, don't think the bartender will extend the price even ten minutes past 7. Jerk.

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Posted on April 9, 2007

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