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five days hboBy the side of the road a mother and her two kids stop to get flowers from a truck. In a blink of the eye, the mother disappears and the children wander off on their own. This is the chilling premise of Five Days, an HBO/BBC collaboration mini series. The following days follow not only the investigation into what happened but the personal lives of each and every person affected by the tragedy.

While Jim and I could have forgone the weepy Enya type music by Magnus Fiennes and Heidrun Bjornsdottir which is almost always played during scenes of someone sobbing (such obvious heart string pulling scenes just aren't necessary with writing and acting this good) there's little else to complain about in this somber story.

At five hours, it's a commitment to watch, but if you are interested in elevating from the cursory and repetitive crime procedurals of Law and Order, Criminal Intent, etc, etc but still find the genre interesting, it's worth your time.

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Posted on September 15, 2008

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