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Oh how I love anthropomorphic drawings and when they’re matched with high fashion you get the adorable Fifi Lapin. You just have to love it! I’ve been browsing the site lately and it’s getting me excited about Spring – ah Spring, when it will be warm enough to take the baby out for long stretches, eat in sidewalk cafes, and wear cute clothes again!

Really, getting dressed nice is the biggest thing I miss from my pre mothering days. But, once it’s warmer, Van’s a little bigger, and I’m a little slimmer I am not embarrassed to say that I’ll be stealing some sartorial ideas from this fictional little bunny (thick black tights with an all white ensemble?, tiny jacket on top of an over-sized dress plus a fur hat? yes yes yes!)

Fifi adorns lots of merchandise too if that’s your thing. I personally wouldn’t say no to a cute pin for my tweed blazer. I love that you can look up previous posts by designer and that the blog is consistently updated.

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Posted on January 22, 2011

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