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Father TedI was so saddened to hear (belatedly) that Dermot Morgan, the actor that ingeniously portrayed the titular character in this fantastic BBC comedy died in 1998, years before I saw the show.

See, BBC America waits years to show their hit shows, continuing to believe that we Americans only deserve to watch every single house, yard, and attic sale, and self-make over show under the sun all day until it's time to suffer through hours and hours of Whose Line Is it Anyway all night.

Still, in those rare moments between how clean is your house and whose line, they did introduce me to this laugh out loud show and for that I am so grateful. All three seasons are available on DVD, so don't hesitate to start enjoying this sitcom about three… flawed priests on Craggy Island.

There is the stressed out Father Ted, who was caught stealing at his last church and is now stuck with old, drunk and insane Father Jack, and the affable, hilarious moron Father Dougal, played expertly by comedian Ardal O'Hanlon, whose stand up is equally funny. One of the great absurdist comedies of its decade.

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Posted on February 26, 2007

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