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muppet wall at fao schwartzI have not walked the bright and cheery halls of FAO Schwartz in years, probably since I was a kid, but it still holds magic for me as an adult. There are actors a plenty speaking from the diaphragm to entice you inside, men and women in costume that bring to mind images of Santaland Diaries, especially when they crack and you see a little bit of madness in their eyes. Right inside there are huge Lego creations of your favorite fictional heroes, toy helicopters floating overhead, and perched above are giant stuffed animal dragons and unicorns (now on sale, mom!).

Retro is the word throughout the store, not only with an adorable version of Mikey Mouse that looks like a modern interpretation of?the old black and white cartoons but with a history of candies display that is just a mouth full of cavities waiting to happen. Plus, it is Barbie's birthday! And in honor of her, special edition Barbies throughout the ages are being sold (I kind of want the 1962 bubble hair one AND the Barbie and the Rockers one).

You can also find Josephine Baker Barbie, Alvin Ailey Barbie, Speed Racer Barbie, and even a pair of Juicy Couture Barbies. Most exciting, though, particularly for the tons of little girls we saw celebrating a pink birthday party, is a computer station that lets you customize your own doll, then buy it. A runway of Barbies of your creation strut down an electronic runway to boot.

That kind of customization is also a very exciting part of the store – and the most fun example is the Muppet making station, where you can create your own little friend. I am seeing a very awesome birthday present for a few people I know in the future?br/>
See some of my photos here.

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Posted on June 1, 2009

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