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fantasma corneliusI initially only heard the song “Chapter 8 Seashore and Horizon” from Cornelius' Fantasma because someone long ago put it on a mix CD. It is a dreamy, melodic, mixed up song that I still love, but it is not entirely representative of this album.

Fantasma is pop music for a video game world populated by DJs. The electronic, playful collages of sound are like musical representations of those uber bright urban tshirts that cool kids wear outside of sneaker shops. Sure, it's not my world, but I can visit, right?

The album is full of cultural references like Bach and the Goonies and often reminds me of video game music. 2010 in particular congers up images of a game I used to play and love that required you to run in an op art world, while these things that looked like hamburger helpers tried to knock you down and a giant watermelon (I think) was one of the stage bosses that threw its seeds at you?Is this ringing any bells for anyone?

Anyways, this is a unique and fun album and the adorable artist aka Keigo Oyamada, plays every instrument on it. All at the age of 27.

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Posted on May 12, 2008

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