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fairway market specialsLike any massive grocery store, Fairway is a madhouse at noon on a Saturday. If you don't have to use a cart, don't! It will only make your journey through the store, snaking your way between graying, entitled, rich looking dads that much more difficult. Do expect lines at all the counters, thoigh I found the wait for cheese to be well worth it; the selection was staggering: we got a Gouda, a cheddar, an ash covered chevre, a bright orange cheese that looked interesting, and a mild sheep's milk cheese that the cheese man recommended. Our friends devoured them all with relish.

There is a nice olive bar, lots of ready made foods and, if you have the time and patience to look, probably anything else you could dream of or want. I will make my next trip at a less busy time in order to take it all in as most of it was a blur of good looking food.

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Posted on January 21, 2008

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