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Faeireworlds FestivalLast summer my parents were invited to an event that I can only wish we can accompany them to if they go back. This dirty and enchanting festival takes place outside Eugene, Oregon at the Secret House Winery. No wonder people say “Hippies don't die. They just move to Oregon.”

My parents had a great time and I hate to admit it, because you know how very dear my Renaissance Fair is to me, but their experience was way more raw–what I imagine Renaissance Faires used to be like before they became a chain business. Brian Froud and his wife Wendy are the featured attending authors again this year along with Patricia A. McKillip and Neil and Alice Geddes-Ward. This summer's faire is on July 21-22. You can lodge at the local Red Lion if you're soft, or camp at the local campgrounds if you're not.

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Posted on April 16, 2007

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