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evan dandoIn the early nineties, as a young impressionable teen, there wasn't much that was labeled “alternative” or “independent” that I wouldn't give a chance. The Lemonheads are no exception, despite the fact that I can't even recall a single song save for the less than stellar Mrs. Robinson cover.

To be fair, Dando himself is not the biggest fan of that song either. So here's the question, if it wasn't the music that made me a fan, what could it have been? Well, it has dreamy, sleepy eyes, floppy long hair, pillowy lips, and probably wrote as much poetry as I did at the time.

Dando is still having at it, still even performing as The Lemonheads and, bless him, still sporting the long 'do and actually looking better than ever. Apparently it's due to a healthier lifestyle (less heroin and super models, more sticking to shrooms and a wife).

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Posted on July 2, 2007

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