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emack and boliosEmack and Bolio's laid back crunchiness feels a bit out of place in the city, so it makes sense it doesn't originate here. I would have guessed Vermont with its zany names like Trippin on Espresso and Deep Purple Cow, the?kindly service from the friendly lesbian behind the counter, and the clientele of vaguely hippie unemployed layabouts with lap tops. Ends up, it began in Boston, so I was pretty close.

There are three locations in the city and the menu shifts often, so I'd like to stop by again soon to try other flavors. The one I got was called Cosmic Crunch (Vanilla ice cream, caramel swirl, chocolate chips, walnuts, and cookies) and it was good in flavor, but surprised me with it's lack of crunch. The cookies were more like soft lady fingers (the dessert not the human body part) which took me aback.

However, the ice cream itself was very creamy and not too sickly sweet, so I think if I tried a flavor more to my liking such as Butterscotch Toasted Coconut (Butterscotch ice cream with toasted coconut mixed in) I feel I'd be a bit more in love with them.

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Posted on August 18, 2008

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