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/ecks/The interior of /eks/, the new Williamsburg yogurtery is somewhere between girly Japanese, A Clockwork Orange, and the 1990s. Such garish and really, really bright fooderies may fly in other parts of the world, but in Brooklyn, where people prefer exposed brick and a lackadaisical, we just renovated an old warehouse and barely touched it to make it look this cool vibe, I fear it's keeping customers away.

That and its name: X, pronounced “eks”, which recalls the term “Extreme”, the-over used and embarrassing descriptor for everything from soda to Taco Bell specials–the lifestyle has even been used to sell yogurt, or “gogurt” – the yogurt you don't eat with a stupid old spoon.

A shame, because this is really tasty stuff; it's tangy like real yogurt and a small was plenty to share between Jim and I. Its been called a Poor Man's Pinkberry by New York Magazine, but without making comparisons (which I can't make anyway without having tried the yogurt place that is slowly taking over Manhattan) I can recommend this place as a not-too-sweet dessert if you're in the neighborhood.

Hey, if you do, give me a call and we might join you to try another flavor, we had the coconut and enjoyed it, but I'm curious about the Mango and Coffee.

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Posted on August 20, 2007

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