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eighty eight lines about fourty four womenThe catch-22 of becoming famous for something is that it may be the only something you get famous for, and all of a sudden you end up resenting the very thing that made you famous.

I feel like this song is just that for The Nails, a band who punctuates their website with the phrase “88 Lines and So Much More”. They really want you to know how much more there is to them–on their front page of their web site is a sycophantic ode to the band from a fan who claims that they are as important as Lou Reed and The Doors to rock and roll history. It all makes me almost feel bad about praising them for their own “I Touch Myself“, but I honestly couldn't get ahold of any of their other work.

Perhaps when I do, I too will praise them as highly as Steven Bode, number one Nails fan, but until them I, along with everyone else, will remain happy with this fun, vibrant hit that catalogues the many lovers of one lucky man. My favorite of the lines is this one:

Jackie was a rich punk rocker/ silver spoon and a paper plate

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Posted on May 21, 2007

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