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egg cream peter panThe egg cream, a mixture of chocolate, seltzer and milk is a classic New York beverage and a point of pride here in Brooklyn, where the drink was invented and, naturally, it can be found in plenty of local eateries. Conveniently, Gridskipper recently made a map rounding up the best of the bunch.

How excited was I to find my beloved local donut shop, Peter Pan, among the top five? Very. We headed over just before they closed and for $4 we walked out with one classic chocolate and one less than classic vanilla.

If you're like me and not used to drinking sodas or many sweet things anymore, the potent sweetness could come as a shock–a sugar shock, at least. Jim and I could have probably shared one and called it dessert. Still, it was made very well; deliciously frothy and creamy.

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Posted on February 11, 2008

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