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eds lobster barEd's Lobster Bar has taunted me with its proximity to my office and the allure of one of my most beloved indulgences, the lobster roll. One attempt to dine in ended in heartache when we learned that it was closed for a private party — but good things come to those who what and on a recent, unexpectedly sunny Saturday afternoon my friends and I found ourselves in the neighborhood and we all ate like it was the middle of July and we'd never even heard of the word recession.

Most of us partook in the specialty, a large buttered bun stuffed with lemony lobster meat, celery and a touch of mayo. It's a traditional take on the classic, which is fine with me, because why mess with a good thing? Sticking to good formulas is something chef Edward McFarland believes in. He was recently embroiled in a law suit with his former employer, Rebecca Charles of the famed Pearl Oyster Bar who claimed he plagiarized her dishes and copped “visual elements” and from her place. It's been settled out of court and the tarnish of the accusations didn't darken our dining experience a bit.

The back room is airy and sunny, the food was great and it was fun to have the first lobster roll of many to come this year in such a bright, friendly environment; they also have a pretty good selection of beers on tap.

Weekly specials like $15 mussels on Mondays and $33 clam bakes on Sundays will have me coming back soon.

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Posted on March 16, 2009

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