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edge of darkness bbc miniseriesThe critically revered Edge of Darkness is often referred to as a miniseries about espionage and that's a bit misleading if you, like me, therefor expect some traditional spying. It is a political thriller to be sure, as well as a murder mystery with an environmental cautionary tale and a family tragedy thrown in.

It takes a couple episodes to completely suck you in. It doesn't start slow exactly, but as more and more layers and complexities pile on it becomes more absorbing. By the third hour we were hooked and in totally agreement with the general (British) love for the show. It's never been released in the US sadly, though, (also sadly) it is going to be remade into a film starring Mel “sugar tits” Gibson.

He'll be taking the reigns from Bob Peck, who is spectacular in the role of Detective Craven, a man with a stiff upper lip and woeful eyes. I am surprised to say I haven't seen much of him in other BBC productions. It's a small world and you usually recognize all the faces. For example all making appearances here: Hastings from Poirot, Zoe Wanamaker from Prime Suspect and Harry Potter, and Joe Don Baker.

Yes, I said Joe Don Baker. We totally freaked when we saw his name in the opening credits and I hoped for his sake he was playing himself and not attempting to play a Brit. (He's a skilled actor, but I just don't think it's in him.) But happily, he's excellent here as a Texan CIA agent, adding some much appreciated swaggering audacity to the dignified proceedings.

The miniseries won several BAFTA awards including ones for Peck and the un-timeless score by Eric Clapton & Michael Kamen. If you like your dramas intelligent and for adults, make every attempt to see Edge of Darkness.

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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