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eBayNot that everyone isn't already aware of this free trade juggernaut, but I think it is more than deserving of a Brix Pick because the impact it has had on my wardrobe. I often get asked where did you get that? and nine times out of ten the reply is ebay. The next question is almost always how do you know it's going to fit – my answer is that most vendors give measurements – so know you measurements! (More on that subject elsewhere in this week's picks).

It also almost restores your faith in human kindness – if you ever lost it – because I so rarely have any problems with vendors, in fact many throw in a personal note and a fragrance sachet. Plus it is about my only hope of ever finding tapes of Swan's Crossing and original Phantasm and Creepshow posters (all excellent birthday gifts for that certain Brittany in your life).

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Posted on June 19, 2006

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