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124 Meserole Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I feel bad – Our neighbors, Greenpoint’s Eat Cafe,  deserves a much better representation than this grainy, dim iphone images, but my camera batteries were dead and Shaun came to my rescue with his phone, so please forgive me. It’s a particular shame considering how lovely a picture the dishes would make. Fresh vegetables, flowering greens, and other delights adorn the plates of Jordan Colon, owner chef and part time farmer.

Rustic and laid back, the one time record shop has an informal feel. The space is unfettered with a soundtrack, warmly dim, and sparse. There is no wait staff, just an order window with the ever changing locavore menu posted on chalkboard next to it. We opted for the suggestion of splitting the entire menu: a yogurt beet soup that was my favorite of the night – I wish I had a bucket in my freezer, a homemade wheat focaccia with a strong melted cheese and garlicky greens, a green spelt salad, potato gnocchi with asparagus and a wonderfully maple slathered apple tart with a bunch of cute and sweet fresh garden strawberries atop. It fed the two of us well. I also recommend an iced tea to wash it all down, or take advantage of the byob policy.

The menu will definitely quench the taste of the healthier crowd and even with a small list of items, has plenty (actually all during this visit) of options for veggies.

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Posted on May 31, 2010

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