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commodores easyWhy in the world would anybody put chains on me?

Sing it, Commodores! Just like I used to right along with you when I was six or so. While I've been praising the band's out-of-this world, knockout style, I figured it was an apt time to recommend one of my favorites growing up, “Easy”, easy like Sunday morning. I'm having a really hard time fathoming how I haven't made it a Brix Picks already.

Lionel Richie (who wrote the song) never sounded better: so smooth, so soulful. It's that smoothness that eluded Mike “What is it?!” Patton when he covered the ballad back 1992. Even if Patton's rendition isn't quite as good as the original, you still have to credit him for his good taste (good taste absent from the styling choices in this video).

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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