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dunkin donuts kremeLook I may not be the skinniest miniest in the room but I'm no orca and to be honest, it's kind of amazing considering the stuff I used to eat. Dunkin Donuts features these tasty treats called Kremes : take one powdered sugar donut and stuff it full of really, really sugary icing. I used to eat two, count them two of these for breakfast as a teen. Good lord..

I decided, despite the possibly hairy eyeballs from kids who thought I was betraying my beloved Peter Pan Bakery, (recently endorsed by Liz Lemon) to head over to the local Dunkin that displaced Greenpoint's only good Thai spot a few years back and try this treat once again. The adorable polish kid who (as I overheard), was nice enough to take Anna's shift yet again, informed me that there was only one left. I am lucky, because according to bloggers, some states have discontinued the vanilla kreme indefinitely.

Apparently a three hundred and forty calorie breakfast bound to give you cavities is a local favorite. It wasn't quite as stuffed with icing as I had remembered as a kid, I blame the economy and Dunkin cutting corners, but despite a cry of protest from my tummy, I have to say, it was still good in a very, very guilty way.

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Posted on March 30, 2009

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