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dumbo waterfrontI was completely prepared to write up the waterfalls public art project, an urban wonder that I was hoping to see up close last week. I've seen a few from the BQE, but I really wanted to grab a more close up photo for you guys.

However, there are nights when certain waterfalls are turned off. Specifically, the Brooklyn Bridge waterfall on the very night I gathered friends together after work to head down and see it.

Still, after my initial disappointment, I realized that any trip down to Brooklyn Bridge Park is more than worth it, particularly at dusk as the sun sets and the vista of the city begins to come alive with lights.

It's somewhat crowded with other people who also know where to go for a great view, and those big red tour buses are now unloading tourists who want to see the waterfalls–and wait in line at Grimaldi's. There was some New York 1-type saxophone music filling the air, only you can decide if that's a pro or a con. For a snack, the delicious Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is right at the end of the pier.

A perfect spot to appreciate the spectacular place we live in.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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