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Downtown AtlanticI showed much restraint during a recent office birthday when I only had a quarter of a vanilla/vanilla cupcake from this borough branch. I wanted to sate my curiosity of the homemade hostess cupcake; I wanted to stick my fingers in the day glo pink frosting on a
strawberry one and I wanted to wash it all down with some red velvet.

I did none of these things, but I did manage to get yelled at for using a chocolate knife on a vanilla cupcake. And just when you thought integration was a widely accepted policy… So I can only really truly vouch for their vanilla/vanilla, but from the rolled back eyes and mouth-filled grins of my coworkers, I can at least speculate that all their goods are pleasing. Of course, this just means I'll have to investigate on my own and try them all. Which is happy news for me.

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Posted on April 2, 2007

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