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clothes organizing beacons closetAs Jim and I recently did a major, colossal and mind blowing clean up of my clothing racks, there was a lot to give away and the easiest and quickest way (before I changed my mind and grabbed it all back as mine, mine, mine) was for Jim to cart it off to Beacon's Closet.

Jim stated (and this is no faint praise from him) that it is the most organized and well run business in Williamsburg. Well, the competition may not be too fierce (ever walked into that weird, huge used place on Driggs and N. 9th place that moved? or tried to order a bagel from The Fix when they're hung over?) but still kudos.

I earned myself a much deserved $200 for a pile (woo hoo!!) but as this a a popular shopping destination, which means that it's quite possible that one of you, dear readers, could be walking down the street one day in a fabulous dress I used to own that no longer fits me.

If this occurs I will either make a joke even though it hurts or I will simply not acknowledge it but something will be burning behind my eyes and you'll be left wondering what the hell is wrong with me. Fair warning.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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