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dj jazzy jeffSorry, Mr. Jada Pinkett, but DJ Jazzy Jeff has proven to me to be the most awesome of the pair as I have been catching a few minutes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (or as a friend's grandmother called it, The Prince of Fresh Air) on the Noggin lately (my TV is tuned to Noggin again, now that my Kevin Smith-born hiatis from my love affair with Degrassi: The Next Generation is over and we are getting back on track with last season).

He has a distinctive style that no one since 1992 has been able to pull off: part spazz, part mall-smooth. Plus, the guy is utterly charming as a foil to Will's charisma and ease. He's an awkward actor, and tends to seem like he's daydreaming or actually sleep-dreaming behind those shades, but his gracelessness is irresistible especially when cloaked in coogi sweaters, leather ball caps, and checkered sneakers.

He epitomizes the nineties in all it's tacky glamour but still manages to come across as a guy you would love to have at your parties or take to Six Flags.

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Posted on June 25, 2007

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