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by Cream (1967)

Man, Disraeli Gears is a fantastic album. It may be less bluesy and more psychedelic (that cover art isn’t lying) than my favorite, Fresh Cream, but the number of singularly amazing songs on this thing is astounding.

While songs like Take It Back, Tale of Brave Ulysses, Dance the Night Away, World of Pain, Sunshine of Your Love, and Strange Brew (I told you there are some doozies) represent the best of the experimentation with traditional music of the 60’s they are ┬ástill timeless.

I vividly remember hearing my dad play Strange Brew as a child and having my little world rocked. It still makes me feel transported to someplace wild.

Many bands claim to be “super groups” but Cream was truly super.

Also, somehow this album goes perfectly with the weird weather.

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Posted on May 3, 2012

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