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disneylandMy family would visit my extended family in California often when I was a child and a trip to Disneyland was always, to my glee, on the agenda. I don't care what the French say, it really is a magical place and it firmly set an obsession with animatronics in my mind.

My sister and I would try to be the first to see the top of the Matterhorn on the drive there and the first sighting was tickle-your-toes exciting. The Matterhorn is just one of the memorable and classic rides. Space Mountain was the first big coaster I ever rode on and who can resist smiling when recalling the city lights on the Peter Pan ride; the ghosts sitting next to you at the end of the Haunted Mansion and the drunken antics of the ride that relaunched Johnny Depp as box office gold, Pirates of the Caribbean? Just writing about it makes me want to look into a trip in 2007…

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Posted on December 25, 2006

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