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dirty girl feltby Felt (2005)

I’m not rap unfriendly exactly, but my list of favorite hip hop songs is not a terribly long one. I love Gravediggaz, Eazy-E and Doctor Octagon with the rest of you, and now I can add Felt, or at least their ode to blue collar working girls, Dirty Girl to the list. Slug and Murs, who make up Felt, are underground rappers which means I’ve never heard of any of their previous collaborations or projects, though I am curious.

The joyfully lustful Dirty Girl is just so fun to listen to and any song that can talk about shopping for the best veggie burgers in town, not knowing how to change your motor oil and the eroticism of hair nets and dripping mascara is aces in my book.


Murs and MC Slug.


The full length album is titled A Tribute to Lisa Bonet.


A dirty girl.

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Posted on January 10, 2010

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