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dingman's ferry pennsylvaniaFor less than the price of a cheap motel, Jim and I rented this adorable cabin in the woods of the Delaware Water Gap. It was much less rustic and much more well appointed than we expected, with TV reception, heating, a shower, and most importantly a surprisingly comfy queen size bed in the cozy sleeper loft. The views are incredible of the tall,impressive and wild forest that is your back yard. We went exploring in this amazing wilderness by taking the quick trail along the river to Child's Park, a series of bridges leading to three water falls. Water falls are inherently romantic, and we came upon more than one big-backed couple making out, but the presence of many gollum-like boys hanging from the rocks took a little of the mystique out of the scenery for me. Still, this is a beautiful site to behold.

Downstream we trekked much rougher trails heading towards Dingmans Falls, but due to slick conditions and footwear (note to self, Converse low tops are not hiking boots) we only took the trails on each side of the river until we felt that we could go no further without serious injury or worse. We had planned on seeing the falls by car and also visiting nearby Bushkill Falls (the Niagara of Pennsylvania), but a sudden intense cold kept me on the relaxing porch and we will have to see them another time. Food and drink are not the regions strong point, so a kitchen that allowed us to have our breakfasts and lunches at the cabin was a god send. We went into historic Milford for a couple dinners and had meals not worth mentioning, but the biggest surprise and disappointment was discovering that PA has a crazy law where you can only buy beer by the case of 24 or more. Even worse: the only place that sold these cases had a terrible selection… Even worse: it was skunky and tasted so bad we didn't drink any of it. Oh well, lesson learned. We got some champagne the next day instead and were all the better for it.

There are a couple fun food spots a short drive away, Coopers in Scranton (about an hour west) is a huge and insane seafood monument to kitsch complete with a mini train, an octopus and innumerable themed rooms with every nook and cranny filled with decorations like this. It's honestly the only thing to do in town, so do expect to wait, but the wait is made easy with it's five or so bars scattered throughout the huge labyrinthine space. Also fun is Chatterbox, a burger spot you'll hit on your way back to the city on route 15 in New Jersey. Most days they serve you right at your car, but we had to eat inside where a vintage roadster is on display. The burgers are pretty tasty and a welcome meal after not so great food in Pennsylvania, but enough of my complaining. This part of the country is so stupendously beautiful, it was so soothing and moving to be surrounded by nature. We saw bunnies, deer, toads and crazy mushrooms. We watched the forest turn pitch black as the sun set and heard trees slowly falling after a rain storm. This little cabin was perfection and the couple that rent it out are very sweet.

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Posted on September 3, 2007

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