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pulp different classSo, I understand that Different Class may not be the coolest album I've recommended because the resounding response to my saying it is this weeks pick is, “Eh”.

“Eh” as in: the appropriate response to “How was Tucker: A Man and His Dream?” But I am sticking to my guns!

This album is pure pop Pulp pleasure. Jarvis Cocker (see below) sings his dandy heart out to some of the most toe-tapping fun music I have been addicted to in a while.

Disco 2000, the hit Common People, and… well, honestly, all of the songs are good! So whether you are revisiting this brit pop classic from the last decade, or discovering it for the first time (which I have to admit, I am) I hope you have more to say at the end of the album than “Eh”.

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Posted on September 25, 2006

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