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diego lunaWith those deep dark eyes, adorable dimples, and innocent sex appeal, they could have done worse when seeking their Swayze replacement for the Cubano sequel to Dirty Dancing; Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

Like most Americans, I was introduced to he and his lovely amigo, Gael Garcia Bernal in this week's movie pick. No better introduction could be made than seeing them have sex over and over with each other and everyone else they crossed paths with. Bernal has gone on to become a mini sensation, whereas Diego Luna feels like the runt of the very attractive two dog litter.

His latest movies include Fade to Black and the sure to be somewhat disturbing and painfully hip Harmony Korine film about a Michael Jackson look alike, Mister Lonely.. but he still seems to be flying like a lonely, lovely dove under the radar.

Of course fan sites abound, so I am sure he is gracing many young girls bedroom walls, perhaps not as much as Swayze did in his heyday, but give the young man time.

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Posted on April 30, 2007

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