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DexterThe outlandish Dexter works for two reasons: 1. Its main plot: a serial killer who kills serial killers, and 2. It's star: Michael C. Hall, who pulls off the task of creating a likeable killer who is without a doubt, not entirely human. His perfect performance, the gleefully artful extreme violence (if CSI would make someone from hundred years past swoon, Dexter would surely cause heart attacks), the decent plots and cinematography all make the show's flaws that much more saddening. If it weren't for the positives I have mentioned, this show would seriously be weaker than the worst Crossing Jordan ever filmed. Ouch.

It's a shame they didn't get a skilled writer for the minor characters (aside from the girlfriend, who I kind of like), but the sister is so wussy, annoying, and idiotic, that one couldn't even believe she would be capable of running a bath, let alone a homicide investigation; and do we really need the unneccessary estranged wife and local drug king pin sub plots that add nothing? But, before I belabor the point too much, despite these flaws, we stayed glued to the TV for the duration of the entire first series. The second series begins Sept 30th on Showtime, but I will have to wait in anticipation for it to be released on DVD. First season is available now.

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Posted on October 1, 2007

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